A Colour Composition / New Norwegian Design

February 9, 2017

Summit will moderate a talk at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm on Thursday, February 9. The talk is held at the opening of the exhibition “A Colour Composition / New Norwegian Design” held at the embassy during Stockholm Design Week, and will focus on the characteristics and conditions of the Norwegian design industry.

About the exhibition:
A carefully selected group of Norwegian designers, artisans and producers have been invited to exhibit at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm during Stockholm Design Week 2017.

Opening hours:
Thursday, February 9 (09.00–18.00)
Friday, February 10 (09.00–12.00)
Register with ida@doga.no to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition is initiated by SMI (Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør), a network of designers, manufacturers, organisations and educational institutions – recently established to strengthen the Norwegian furniture and interior design industry.

Anderssen&Voll ∣ Andreas Bergsaker ∣ Andreas Engesvik ∣ Artek ∣ Beate Einen ∣ Bjørn van den Berg ∣ Daniel Rybakken ∣ Elementa ∣ Elisabeth von Krogh ∣ Everything Elevated ∣ Fogia ∣ Fjordfiesta ∣ Fora Form ∣ Gridy ∣ Hallgeir Homstvedt ∣ Heymat ∣ Hjelle ∣ Ichendorf Milano ∣ Jenkins & Uhnger ∣ Jonas R. Stokke ∣ Kaja S. Dahl ∣ Kim Thomé ∣ KnudsenBergHindenes ∣ Kristine Bjaadal ∣ Kristine Five Melvær ∣ Lillian Tørlen ∣ Mikael Pedersen ∣ Muuto ∣ New Works ∣ Noidoi ∣ Northern Lighting ∣ Osloform ∣ OTHR ∣ Peter Opsvik ∣ Runa Klock ∣ Røros Tweed ∣ Sara Polmar ∣ Scandinavian Business Seating ∣ Siv Lier ∣ Skagerak ∣ StokkeAustad ∣ Torsteinsen Design ∣ Trefjøla ∣ Vera & Kyte ∣ Vacheron Constantin ∣ Wan Den Weghe ∣ Wik & Walsøe ∣ Woud

The exhibition is curated by Kråkvik&DOrazio, the Norwegian-Italian duo known for other exhibitions such as “Structure” and “Norwegian Presence”.

“A Colour Composition – New Norwegian Design” is an SMI (Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør) initiative, in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Norway, Polyflor, Norsk Industri, Oslo Design Fair, Norwegian Crafts and DOGA Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture.

Link to the organisers www.doga.no/SMI
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