The bee hive "Beecode" - By-Bi Urban Beekepers

The bee hive "Beecode" - By-Bi Urban Beekepers

A Turn for the Better – Nordic proposals for liveable cities

May 16, 2016

Summit have curated the exhibition “A Turn for the Better” for Romanian Design Week in Bucharest, which will run between 21st May – 5th of June 2016.

“A Turn for the Better” presents five Nordic proposals for liveable cities created by architects, city planners and urban activists in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. The proposals address challenges such as: “Can parking lots be turned into buildable plots? “, “Can abandoned industrial sites be converted to vibrant city districts?”, “What does architecture for bees look like?”, “How do we increase public awareness in urban planning processes and “how do we get commuters to choose the bike over the car?”. The thought provoking projects in “A Turn for the Better” provide local solutions to global challenges.

“The problems our cities are facing tend to be global. In ‘A Turn for the Better’ we present five proposals from the Nordic countries for how these problems can be solved locally leading to more liveable cities for us all. We hope that the exhibition will inspire to a fruitful conversation between architects and planners from the Nordic countries and their Romanian counterparts as well as the general public attending Romanian Design Week”, say Daniel Golling and Gustaf Kjellin of the independent architecture and design initiative Summit, the curators of the exhibition.

21 May–5 June 2016
Piata Amzei, Bucharest

22 May 2016
The Institute Café, Stirbei Voda 104–106

The Scadinavian presence at Romanian Design Week is an initiative by the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and Iceland Design Centre.

Featured projects
Cycle Super Highways (Denmark)
Sekretariatet for Supercykelstier/Dissing+Weitling

Dream Hotel (Finland)
Uusi Kaupunki Collective/Studio Puisto

2,5 x 5 (Iceland)
Krads Architects

Bee Highway (Norway)
By-Bi Urban Beekepers

The People’s Harbour
Municipality of Helsingborg/Front