Photo: Linn Ahlgren

Photo: Linn Ahlgren

Subjectivities at Nationalmuseum Design

January 18, 2015

Nationalmuseum Design is opening up in Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern in Stockholm on February 6. The first exhibition is a collaboration with Summit and contains highly personal and subjective selections.

Coinciding with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the first exhibition will be Subjectivities, a collaboration with Summit that contains a highly personal and subjective selection in three groups. In the first, Summit has chosen a number of representatives from the Swedish design scene. This involves a total of 24 designers aged between 82 and 31, who are active in the field in various ways. The designers have then chosen their favourite objects from the museum’s design collection and explained their choices. In the third group, the museum has selected a number of objects from the designers’ own output.

There are several purposes behind Subjectivities. One is to display and make available parts of the museum’s design collection with a contemporary and 20th century focus, while the museum building is closed for renovation. Another is to initiate and strengthen ties between one of Sweden’s oldest institutions in applied art and design and the practitioners whose work needs to be preserved for future generations. A third, and no less important, purpose is to show a cross-section of the multifaceted Swedish design scene – who is shaping it and what qualities and characteristics it entails.

The designers taking part in Subjectivities are: Anton Alvarez, Åke Axelsson, Lena Bergström, Thomas Bernstrand, Jonas Bohlin, Ulla Christiansson, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Jonas Forsman, Front, Samir Alj Fält, Monica Förster, Gunilla Hedlund, Matti Klenell, Anna Kraitz, Jonas Lindvall, Erika Lövqvist, Note Design Studio, Gustav Person, Lycke von Schantz, Snickeriet, Per B Sundberg, Uglycute, Veryday and Ann Wåhlström.

The selection is made by Anders Bengtsson and Micael Ernstell at Nationalmuseum and Daniel Golling och Gustaf Kjellin at Summit.